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This past month has sucked so bad, We lost our male crested gecko Dynia to unknown causes, I get strep throat which turns into bronchitis. We loose my female mac leopard gecko Papaya and last night we loose our turtle of 10 years Zoomy. R.I.P my loves
Claira Kruger Matriarch Auction Open by 1stFrostfirewolf
Claira Kruger Matriarch Auction Open
I might part with her idky, shes super cute and tuggin at my heart strings D: Claira why must you do this to meeeeee....... Anywhos She is for sale if I dont like the Offer she will be added to my Kruger family. This is an "Alpha" or Matriarch as stated in the info below. The money from her will go towards food and vet bills I have for my precious pets.

This Auction will be open for 2 weeks this means it will end Oct, 14 at midnight est.

SB: $15
Auto buy: $100
Min increase, $2

Clan: Owl Feather

Clan Symbol: Silken sash imbued with Owl feathers, golden thread and gems (can be anywhere on Kruger)
Clan Location: From North Eastern North America to Eastern Canada
Matriarch: Claira 
Status: Alive,
Reign: 25 years
Age: 45
Height: 5'7 ft, 1.524 mt Kruger form, 4'7 ft, 1.2192 mt Human form
Normal Forms: Human, Kruger, 
Animal Forms: Canadian Lynx, Gray Fox, Coyote, Horned Owl, Raven
Element: Ice, Air
Monarch: none
Clan bio: The Owl Feather clan is a relatively small clan made up of 10-15 Kruger's, This is one of the oldest clans still standing, they are found in northern America through Canada. The Owl Feather clan over laps two other clans the Aura clan and the Avicii clan. These three clans will at times combine into a super clan and share hunting grounds and leadership advice. The three matriarchs were raised together and have always gotten along and now are closer then when they were young. At a young age of twenty Claria became matriarch of the Owl Feathers and has lead them in the way her mother taught her to be respectful and strong.

Claira, and Krugers (c) Me 1stfrostfirewolf
Sarina and Erowin having fun by 1stFrostfirewolf
Sarina and Erowin having fun
Sarina is such a good mommy giving her little one a ride on her back <3
To be colored at a later date 

Krugers and characters (c) me do not steal
Delvus Blackice by 1stFrostfirewolf
Delvus Blackice
Edit: Darken him a little with a 8B pencil and added some dark spots and stripes on his rump. <3
Edit edit: Digital now lol, not finished will work on it more and yes his freaking horns are different -_- those holes in the horns and capturing the ice was a pain in the ass. But here's a basic idea of what he looks like.
Well as you all know i had a shinlai named angel as of late ive been regretting making it. So this is what ive done to make my shinlai more likeable. His mask is made up of fiberglass fur and leather, there are straps holding the back of his mask to his horns made of raw hide. The tusks for his mask come out to a point and are very sharp and hold a deadly neuro toxin. 
Name: Delvus 
Nick names. Delv, Del or Dee
Age. 45
Height. 11'
Weight. 6,500
Balanced shinlai. Dark and water
Delvus likes to make others ice cream and other sweet treats, hes an amazing hunter and gatherer. Nothing can stop him once he sets his mind to something.
Family: Unknown
Attitude, Shy at first but once you get to know him hes like a class clown, but knows when to be mature.
Alliance: unknown
classification: exotic, silky fur, long muscled body build, short tail
Body base, Ashy grey
Markings, Ice blue and dark blue almost black
Belly, white

his mask is inspired by a set from WoW tier10 shaman gear look it up if you want (:
Shinlai (c) Alanaroseheart
Shinlai #5 adopt tryout 1 by 1stFrostfirewolf
Shinlai #5 adopt tryout 1
Name: Jenny
Element: Air
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Birth season: Spring
Height: 8' ( will be at least 9' when fully grown)
Weight: 5,500
Alliance: neutral
Family: Mother (deceased)
Father (deceased)
Species: Shinlai
Shinlai classification: Common, silky/short fur, short tail, slim build. Fur trimmed in spring to keep her cool.
Mate: None
Birth place: Elladen, Tamara
Currently resides in: Talin, West Rendali


As a pup, Jenny was a hyper-active like most pups, she'd often make messes where ever she went.
But, she was also a very obedient and cautious pup, who always listened to her mother; ( Careful youg
one theres time for play and time for work in the life we live.)
Jenny's parents were strict Daila followers therefore, she was brought up
to believe in only the ways of Daila. But when her parents were killed when she was at the young age of 3,
not only did her life drastically change, but so did her personality. Jenny became nervous, shy, and would suffer from
paranoia attacks, but this didn’t make Jenny weak and submissive like expected, instead, she retained to a snappy
attitude and a mouth for insults.

The girl became stubborn and couldn’t care less about orders and rules established by her adopted human ‘mother’,
Gretchen, often replying with, “You’re not my real mother, you can’t tell me what to do!”
But as she grew more comfortable with Gretchen, her personality and attitude changed once more,
she became almost like a companion, becoming loyal to her ‘mother’ and the villagers, obeying without any
questions asked. Today, Jenny preserves her once aggressive behaviour and instead, has grown to become a very
sweet, sensitive and kind-hearted young ‘Lai. She often “mellows-out” when alone and tries to make friends
with other species; it’s not uncommon to stumble upon her trying to make friends with a bird, or even a deer.

As for her reaction around humans, she is still unsure about most of the adults that venture into the village,
wondering cautiously around them, but when she sees the tiny ones she can’t help but play with them. She joins
them in their chasing games and lets them ride on her back and lets their warm, sticky hands tug at his fur and
braid the long locks she has durring the fall and winter months- it reminds her of when she was a pup and her
mother would do so.
Jenny doesn’t wish to hurt anybody, but sometimes she spooks when she is in the sheering stalls and crushes the hands
or feet of who even is trimming her fur.

Shinlai (c) alanaroseheart
Art (c) me
Sarina remade by 1stFrostfirewolf Sarina, Clan Matriarch

Striker by 1stFrostfirewolf Striker, body guard to Sarina

Rhea remade by 1stFrostfirewolf Rhea, clan advisor with Sarina

These three have their fathers markings on their backs in the form of a pheonix, when they are angered those pheonix markings glow and at times seem to come to life. Drawing these three together will be fun practice, also sketching them pissed will be fun and exciting lol. Will also be making Naomi their mother whom will be auctioned off keep a look out <3
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